Study: In 50 years Kansas population will be much older, more urban (+video)

Friday, August 5, 2016

Kansas’ population will increase in the next 50 years, but the growth will mostly come from older people who live in cities, according to projections released Wednesday by Wichita State University.

If the projections hold true – a big if, given the 50-year-horizon – policymakers and local leaders will have to figure out how to pay for a retirement-age population that will double in size. There will be almost no increase in the working age population. And local and state politicians will be forced to make tough choices about what rural infrastructure, such as roads and hospitals, to continue funding.

The projections, released by the Center for Economic Development and Business Research, are largely based on just a couple of variables: how many people are moving in and out of each county right now, and how many babies are born compared with how many people pass away.

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