The growth and activity in Ford County is exciting. With growth also comes housing demands. In 2008, the Dodge City/Ford County Development Corporation initiated a Community Housing Assessment Team and contracted with Martin Shukert of RDG Planning and Design to provide an assessment of the housing needs in Ford County. The final resuls of the assessment showed a total need between 2008 and 2013 of 946 units in Dodge City, consisting of 568 owner occuiped properties and 378 renter occupied properties. The assessment also indicated that Ford County needed to add an additional 113 units of which 90 were owner occupied and 23 rentals, during this same time period.

This desperate shortage of housing sparked the organization to focus efforts on solving the many issues related to the housing shortage. Economic Develoment cannot be accomplished without housing. The Dodge City/Ford County Development Corporation went to the City of Dodge City, Ford County, and the business community and put together a plan and funding to address the issues.

A housing coordinator was hired in 2009 and began researching programs and implementing many educational programs for financial institutions, residents, and public officials. We have since then developed a website, DodgeCityHousing.com, and we allow anyone that has a property for sale or rent in a five county region to post on the website. The site also is used for a recruitment tool for developers. It lists all of our incentive programs and our housing assessment as well.

Neighborhood Revitalization Program (NRP)

The taxing entities pulled together and have approved a Neighborhood Revitalizaiton Program (NRP) for Dodge City and also the City of Bucklin. The Dodge City NRP offers a 95% property tax rebate for five (5) years to any residential investment south of Comanche Avenue in Dodge City that spends at least $15,000 and increases their appraised value by 5%. Housing developments in the historic district will receive 100% for ten (10) years on the incremental increase with this program. Bucklin also offers the 95% five (5) year program, but they offer it on both commerical and residential.

Rural Housing Incentive District (RHID)

Dodge City and the City of Spearville have also implemented the Rural Housing Incentive District (RHID). This program allows housing Developers to utilize the incremental increase in the property taxes created by their project and pay for land costs and infrastructure improvements.

Completed and In-Progress Projects

Following is a list of projects either completed, under construction or that we have signed agreements on that are utilizing these incentive programs.

  • Overland Property Group (Reserves at Cimarron Valley) - RHID Program
    • Constructed 80 multi-family units
    • All units are affordable rental.
  • Volz Builders (Craftsman Cove) - RHID Program
    • Constructed 48 multi-family units (9 duplexes, 4 three-plexes and 2 four-plexes)
    • All units are market rate rental units.
  • Volz Builders (Candletree 5) - RHID Program
    • Under construction is 42 single family units that will be 2-3 bedroom homes.
    • Will be moderate market rate owner occupied homes.
  • M.R. Builders (Beeson Court) - NRP Program
    • Constructed 12 multi-family units (8 units are market rate rental and 4 units are low market rate rental)
  • M.R. Builders (Victory Estates)
    • Constructed 9 single family units
    • Units are ranging from moderate market to high market owner occupied homes.
  • Summerlon Properties (Phase II) - RHID Program
    • Constructed 20 single family units at moderate market rate.
  • Summerlon Properties (Phase III-North) – RHID Program
    • Under construction are 17 single family units
    • Units will range from moderate market to high market owner occupied homes.
  • Summerlon Properties (Phase III-South) – RHID Program
    • Under construction 17 single family units
    • Units are high market owner occupied homes.
  • Summerlon Properties (Phase V) – RHID Program
    • Will begin construction on 29 multi-family units in the spring of 2014.
    • Units will be owner occupied and be in the affordable market range.
  • Interfaith (Brier Street) - USDA Housing
    • Constructed 18 multi-family units at low rental rates for those working in the Farm Production industry.
  • Kansas Builders LLC (Prairie Pointe) - RHID Program
    • Construction has not begun. This will consist of 132 multi-family units at market rental rates to be built in phases.
  • Dodge City Housing Authority
    • Currently has 315 units in Dodge City, and is at near capacity
    • Distributes 100 Section 8 vouchers
    • Is in need of more Section 8 vouchers
  • City of Spearville - RHID Program
    • 24 lots in the RHID Program for single family housing, currently four homes are complete.
  • City of Bucklin - NRP Program
    • The City of Bucklin has implemented the NRP Program for both residential and commercial property.

In 2012, another assessment was completed. Taking into consideration the development that has been completed or is in progress, the results of the newest assessment show a total need between 2012 and 2017 of 922 units in Dodge City, consisting of 461 owner occupied properties and 461 renter occupied properties. The assessment also indicated that Ford County needed to add an additional 85 units of which 51 were owner occupied and 34 rentals, during the same period. Download the 2018 CHAT Report.

Our community is focused on addressing the current housing situation. For more information on housing or any of these programs, please contact the Dodge City Ford County Development Corporation office at 620-227-9501.

Your Housing Resource

DodgeCityHousing.com is a website offered to individuals and businesses who want to post their rental or real estate property. The website is also a resource for area housing information.