Retail Demographics

Additional demographic information beyond what is provided below is available from the Dodge City/Ford County Development Corporation. For these statistics, please call 620-227-9501.


Location2010 Census2013 Estimate
Ford County 33,848 34,217
Dodge City 27,340 27,639
Bucklin 794 1,022
Spearville 773 706
Ford 216 272
Source: 2010 U.S. Census, 2009-2013 American Community Survey


 Ford CountyDodge City
Median Household Income 50,577 49,107
Mean Household Income 59,781 56,634
Per Capita Income 20,398 18,672
Total Personal Income 1,116,854 N/A
Per Capita Personal Income 2011 32,309 18,000*
Median Disposable Income N/A 39,613*
Source: U.S. Census, 2009-2013 American Community Survey; 2013 Kansas Statistical Abstract; U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, Regional Economic Accounts, CA05N Personal Income by Major Source and Earnings by Industry, *Source for these items is the Western Kansas Rural Economic Development Alliance.

Total Personal Income is derived by the sum of Supplements, Proprietors' Income, Property Income, Personal Transfer Payments, and Resident Adjustment minus Government Social Insurance (accessed January 9, 2014).

Bank Deposits

 InstitutionsOfficesTotal Deposits
Ford County 11 16 521
2013 Kansas Statistical Abstract; Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, Summary of Deposits, Deposits of all FDIC-Insured Institutions by County, operating in Kansas, (accessed November 15, 2013).

Data may not sum to totals due to rounding.